G332: AS Media Exam (Representation)

Discuss the representation of the following in relation to 3 different clips of British drama.:

Class and status
Physical Appearence
Regional Identity

The Inbetweeners

For this clip, i am firstly going to talk about the representation of age. The inbetweeners is a British comedy about a boy who is moved from private education to public schooling and because he is a teenager, it follows the common struggles which boys of his age would face. Including peer pressure, especially the pressure to have sex, dealing with alcohol, etc. 

The above scene begins with a teenage boy entering a room occupied by his friends and telling them where he has been. He explains he has been swimming with a teacher at their sixth form and instantly the situation is recognised as being socially abnormal by his friends. Being in the same age group, his friends refer to the teacher as \”paedo Kennedy\”, showing the audience the clear distinction that students have between themselves and their teachers, primarily caused by their age gap. Considering factors such as political correctness, for a young adult (teenage student) and a teacher (considerably older) to engage in out-of-school activity is seen as unacceptable. Reasons society give for this will differ. The boys then discuss the details of his experience, and how the teacher gave him a spare pair of swimming trunks, before he corrects them explaining they are speedo\’s. This notorious swimwear is popular among almost everyone, however young adults would be quite embarrassed to be seen in such swimwear. Their attitude defined by their age is then emphasised by the group laughing at the boy for wearing speedo\’s. 

Heterosexuality is stereotypically represented towards the end of the clip. A girl knocks on the group of teenagers\’ door and as the boys realise it is a girl, all of them react in some way, including two of the boys rushing to the door to answer her. This reinforces the general assumption that teenage boys (and girls) past the age of about 16, are very sex driven and will focus heavily on trying to impress the opposite sex. As the show is aimed at people in the same age group as the characters, i think perhaps, it makes the audience feel better about their attitudes towards sex and feel comfortable with their own \’sexual status\’. Meaning that people can look at the bad, almost embarrassing way that the main character approaches the opposite sex and feel better about themselves. (i realise this is a stupid point) (lol).

Furthermore, physical appearance is quite a large factor of representation in this particular program. In line with the representation of sexuality, the characters are not stereotypically \’attractive\’ and are correspondingly represented as being articulate, smartly dressed, etc. (\”Geeky\” stereotype). However, the program features a group of boys in the same situation, all equally as popular, etc. and this is shown in the films editing and camera-position. In the particular scene of study, the characters clearly have different opinions of themselves and of each other, for example the only character standing up is quite confident with them-self, however all are shown in a state of equality by the way that the scene is filmed. For example, even though the characters are at different levels, there are no low shots or clear over-the-shoulder shots, they are all filmed in a very similar and close-to identical way. This re-assures the audience that the characters are indeed all equal in several aspects including their popularity (directly associated with their physical appearance).

In relation to camera work, the nature of how the group is filmed changes in correlation with the importance of topic involved in their conversation or action. For example, when one of the boys produces a bottle of alcohol, the camera work goes from being still quite quick and sharp, but is more sudden and expressed. And when it is revealed that one of the boys went swimming with their teacher, the camera work somewhat emphasises the groups surprise and intrigue by including more medium close-ups to illustrate each individuals reaction, shown so through their facial expression and perhaps movement.



This clip shows a group of male teenagers dealing with the situation of missing the last bus home and being too far away to walk. Firstly, i noted the way that the boys are dressed and how this represents age. They are all in street/casual clothing and none of them are dressed suitably for a job or any form of formal situation. This suggests that they are both students and out of work, therefore representing the younger generation. Secondly, in the first 30 seconds of the scene, it becomes evident that they have just attended a party. This is a representation of age as if people of an older/slightly-older generation were to attend a party that late into the night in the first place, they would probably have an arranged means of getting home. This part of the clip therefore shows people of the teenage generation in an environment that they are comfortable in and view as regular.

Physical appearance is represented approximately 2 minutes into the video clip. All 3 boys are sat in a car trying to warm up and all are shown equally in terms of camera position. i.e, the camera is placed steadily at the front of the car, almost on the dashboard. This prevents any bias representation of power or authority that is not already suggestive of the characters physical appearance. I noted that the stereotypically less attractive character is sitting in the back seat of the car


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