Production Log: Choosing between my double-page spreads

March 2009:
I have created two different Double-page spreads using very similar techniques on each of them.

Both contain the same text, masthead and layout. However, both versions contain different photographs as the base to the page. The first is quite bright, containing colours like blue, yellow and green. This version also has a “featured artist” banner to the right of the spread. The second version is quite “monotone”. With a strong yellow base colour it is quite dramatic and deep to look at, however by removing the “featured artist” banner i think i have reduced density in the page and it now feels quite free, visually. To decide on which to use in my project, i conducted a survey, however approximately 80% of all the people i asked gave strengths to both pieces. So in acknowledgement of weak survey results, i have posted both versions on this blog-post, and will ask more participants in the following weeks to gain a more certain verdict. Both Versions follow:




~ by Henry Phillips on April 23, 2009.

One Response to “Production Log: Choosing between my double-page spreads”

  1. I love the bottom one. The orange glow is really yummy

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