Main Task: Photoshoot

March 2009:
Photo-shoot for Fried Magazine

Yesterday i was able to go out shooting images for the front cover and double-page spread of my magazine; Fried. The shoot was due to take place the day before yesterday, on the monday, however the weather was not on my side. Yesterday though was very bright and sunny, perfect for my front cover as the textual elements are quite dark in colour and quite clustered in position. My model agreed to wear a suit and take his guitar into a field in rural essex. I chose the suit as it is different for everyday ‘band-wear’ and the formal dress would contrast nicely with the very informal environment. Gladly and to my surprise; adjacent to the location for which we were meant to take the photographs was a field of yellow flower. We therefore chose to shoot there. The below pictures are which i have chosen for consideration to use in my project.


Following recent changes in my project construction, i am considering using these images in every aspect of my project. This includes front cover, contents page and my double-page spread. I am scared that this will make the project appear as though i haven’t applied myself to it properly and have not maximised my effort, but i am doing this as the cover story is mentioned in the contents page and is used for the DPS, therefore images (i think) should be shown in these areas.


~ by Henry Phillips on April 22, 2009.

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