Production Log: Front Cover Final Draft

26th March 2009:
Completion of final draft of front cover

Applying feedback from my surveys and information gathered from my research into music magazine front covers, i have decided to name my magazine Fried. A magazine aimed at the indie/ new alternative scene offering an unrivaled insight into the lives of popular bands and artists. Features taking readers behind the scenes and even into the lives and homes of their favorite bands. Exposes who influences the featured artists as well as who influenced them when they were starting out. Advice from artists is given as well things such as secret hobbies and “guilty music pleasures”. I feel that such a simple house style and creative/original title contrast nicely to give the magazine a certain ‘edge’.

I have created several fictional band names for my front cover, one of which i think shall feature on my double page spread but this is not yet final. I have also added some new features in addition to the ones that i used in my preliminary task. These include an above-masthead header containing a catchy tag-line which is not yet finalised and also a stamp above the barcode containing a ‘free!’ offer.

Using skills learnt during the construction process of my preliminary task, i have put quite a lot of technical skill into creation of the text included all over the front cover, the title in particular i am very proud of and the colour scheme i have chosen for both the title and indeed the rest of the cover is, i feel, very original and unique and adds to the magazines personality.

I have yet to take any original images for my front cover, however i intend for the images i will take to look quite similar to the internet-sourced image i have included on my final draft.


Fried Magazine

Fried Magazine


~ by Henry Phillips on March 24, 2009.

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