Production Log: Magazine and title idea development

22nd January 2009:
Ideas of title and magazine house style

As i still do not have a genre or house style for my music magazine, i have decided to first decide on a title for the magazine and then work around that to create its theme. I acknowledge that this idea is perhaps not the best way of going about choosing a genre for my project, but i hope that a good title will inspire me and give me a more developed method of creating ideas. The beginning half of morning session included noting down ideas for the title of my music magazine. All of my initial title ideas are listed below:
– Spine
– Check /or inCheck
– Wired /or Wire
– Strings /or Strung
– Fried (I think this is a more catchy and individual idea, i love it :-))
– Brace
– Kilojoule (KJ Magazine)
– VOLTure
– Wood
– Moselle (name of a french river, thought it was funky)
– DiscoFiction  

After drafting the above titles for my project, i then researched into whether any of them already existed and found that:
– (Text from Wikipedia) Wired is a full-color monthly American magazine and on-line periodical, published since March 1993, that reports on how technology affects culture, the economy, and politics.
– A magazine named Wood already exists however it does not specialize in the music industry or even the media. (

Apart from what is mentioned above, there is no collaboration or conflict in association with the title’s i have chosen. I then conducted a survey asking simply which title people preferred, why that was and what they saw on the cover of a magazine with that title. The survey was conducted on students in my media class and all participants varied in gender and musical preference. The results of that survey are shown below:
– Titles including Spine, Strung and VOLTure were chosen and praised by 4 participants.
– Titles including Wired, Fried and DiscoFiction were preferred by the majority of participants with 9 collective votes (3 to each)
– Participants gave their 3 most popular titles a genre each and they applied: Rock to ‘Wired’; Indie to ‘Fried’ and Alternative to ‘DiscoFiction’. 

Such a broad display of results has meant that i cannot decide on a final title to apply to 3 initial ideas, therefore i will use all 3 of the most popular titles and base an initial idea around each of them. This gives me a chance to widen my thoughts and imagination as each title is very different.


1.) Wired Magazine
     CORE IDEA(S): A magazine aimed at young people interested in the rock/ alternative rock genre, also aimed at unsigned acts looking for publicity or recognition. Based around popular rock music in addition to unheard rock music. The magazine would feature one famous artist every week following their gigs, tours and upcoming projects or albums. It would also feature one new/recently-signed/about-to-be-signed artist based on introducing them into the music universe and exploring their journey so far. There would be a feature on well-known artist news such as announcement of tours, band splitting or new album releases, etc. A majority of the magazine would be dedicated to following totally unsigned acts and publishing them to the target audience.
     ADDITIONAL IDEAS: A free CD every week featuring music from unsigned acts featured in the magazine (Demos, etc).

2.) Fried Magazine
     CORE IDEA(S): A magazine aimed at the indie/ new alternative scene offering an unrivaled insight into the lives of popular bands and artists. Features taking readers behind the scenes and even into the lives and homes of their favorite bands. Exposes who influences the featured artists as well as who influenced them when they were starting out. Advice from artists is given as well things such as secret hobbies and “guilty music pleasures”.

3.) DiscoFiction Magazine
     CORE IDEA(S): A magazine aimed at working outside of established music styles and finding the most popular music at the time of publish though the means of social networking sites like myspace and online polls, etc. Every week the issue would aim to introduce or re-introduce an artist theme (general way of performing), type of music, etc. DiscoFiction would dare to feature indifferent artists, for example, a stylophone playing orchestra containing one member per note on the modern stylophone. The magazine would of course remain to feature bands that play “ordinary” music but they would not be the greater focus in the magazine and share the same amount of cover and respect as the unsigned or indifferent act (which is a high level). The magazine would be very public based and listen greatly to what the reader wanted to see. Suggestions and recommendations would be taken on board every week and the industry would work hard to produce a clearly different magazine weekly.
     ADDITIONAL IDEAS: Free with every issue would be some means of creation for example Lego or Playdoh, there would then be (inside of the magazine) a challenge such as “who can create the best image of their favourite band”. There would then be the prize of going to see that band live in concert for example.


I think that all of the above are good ideas and accompany their title well, however i may still choose to switch a title with a initial idea in order to enhance the idea itself, for example take idea 3 and rename it ‘Wired’.


~ by Henry Phillips on January 22, 2009.

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