Production Log: Research Development

15th january 2009:
Development into research and initial ideas for main task

Both of todays sessions have been dedicated to my initial research for which i hope to gain several strong ideas in relation to which theme, genre and house style my magazine shall adopt. Hopefully i shall also be able to begin thoughts into which colour scheme i will give my magazine cover and maybe even start thinking about a title.

Obviously because the task is a music related one, i began my research by simply searching and browsing different existing music magazines in attempt to gain inspiration. So far, i have noticed the following similarities and differences in the covers i have studied:
– Every cover i have viewed features the masthead at the top of the page
– The masthead is not always the boldest or most eye-catching element to the cover
– Every cover i have viewed has included an artist/ the featured artist on the front page
– The boldest part of a headline or the main headline is (in many of the covers i viewed) the name of an artist of the name of the artist featured
– Each cover is individualised by a theme/colour scheme that is carried across the cover (e.g. the main headline, above masthead caption and ‘offer header’ may be in one colour and the sub headlines and remaining text may be in a diffrent colour. These colours are usually related in terms of which colours the magazine has used before.

Below are the magazine covers i have taken greatest interest in:
– Kerrang
– Uncut
– Vibe
– Rolling stone magazine

Brainwave 1 :-):
After viewing several music magazine covers, i think it is clear that a large part of a music magazines USP (unique selling point) is the person/artist or act on the front cover. For this reason i think it is suitable to feature an artist on my front cover. However, upon noticing this i had the idea to feature perhaps an instrument, object, ect. on my front cover. By doing this i think that the cover would adopt a unique and very individual appearance thus give the magazine an appeal which an “ordinary” music magazine cover would lack.

Brainwave 2 :-):
Whilst again speculating on whether an artist on the front cover would be the best way to go about producing a music magazine, i had the thought of tightening the genre to not just a type of music, e.g. indie, hip-hop, etc. but instead create a music magazine that is specialised to one specific instrument of form of play. Perhaps even work around the idea of a new type of music (e.g. a craze of playing the trolley sweeps the music universe off its feet) (Just an idea)

As for the double page spread that is necessary for the main task, i am quite sure that i would like to base this around an artist. Due to not having a genre or theme to my magazine at this stage i am obviously unsure as to the details, but i have a few ideas that revolve around having an eccentric artist (based on my magazine theme) photographed and profiled on my DP spread. I hope to give this part of the task quite a casual yet committed approach as i strongly feel that if it looks like i have worked too hard (in addition to my perhaps unusual idea) the whole project will be made to look unprofessional and as if i have not taken the project serious enough.

However my contents page… For this i shall dedicate the majority of my time and work. One magazine i have looked at (UNCUT magazine) includes, i feel, a very dull and non-inviting contents page, this may be because the magazine can afford to have a dull contents page if it has 100 great artists featured in the magazine and is very well known, but for my music magazine i would like the contents page (second to the front page) really make the reader want to turn the page. Using the image manipulation techniques i mastered during the creation of my preliminary task, i hope to use photoshop to integrate some very unique and indifferent elements including peculiar design and an editors section which shall include a short piece of text “created” by fictional editors which i shall name and photograph myself.


~ by Henry Phillips on January 15, 2009.

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