Production Log: Minor Cover Re-design

18th December 2008:
Small re-design of cover components

First half of morning session included the redesign/change in appearance of my front cover – “PLANET Magazine”. I felt the ‘final’ draft of my cover, combined with both the present colour scheme and back round image looked too bland and too unprofessional. Taking what i wanted out of my final production into account, i made some minor tweaks to the cover using a plain black back round. The steps i took in order to make these changes are shown through a series of five screen shots, each representing a major step in my changes.

Image 1- This shows a small change to my cover, here i have simply taken the “PLUS!” caption and the text below it and moved it to the opposite side of the canvas. I did this in order to add a more dynamic appearance to my cover and also to take the weight off of the left side which i felt made the cover appear too boring :

Screenshot 1







Image 2 and image 3- Here, i chose to create a text effect similar to the one i created when constructing the “magazine” caption below the masthead. It is simply made of two separate copies of the same text, each in a different colour and of a slightly different layer style. To do this, i duplicated the main headline thus giving me 2 of the same text, i then changed one copy in terms of colour and layer style, before placing the changed text over the original text which resulted in a successful effect. It also made the main headline appear bolder and therefore more noticeable, i hope this will grab the viewers attention second to the very bold masthead:


Screenshot 2







Screenshot 3








Image 4- Here i simply chose to add a “This Week” subheading which would stand above both cover headlines:


Screenshot 4







image 5- Finally, i just used layer blending option ‘outer glow’, used the green i usually use and change the contours of the outline. This resulted in a very effective style which i think compliments the cover as a whole, entirely:


Screenshot 5








Physically, my present magazine cover does not look too different from the cover i started with at the beginning of the day, however i feel the changes i have made have contributed to the cover looking:
– More professional
– More exciting
– More dynamic

These are the key factors i wanted to integrate into my work when starting the project as it can easily be argued that my idea based around the concept of a ‘college of astronomy’ is quite bland and hard to have fun with, therefore the way i present my concept in a creative form is very important. I feel once i have placed this cover structure onto my back round image, it will suit it very well and i doubt i will need to manipulate the factors of my cover and the position of these factors very much. I think that today was a big step forward for my project as for the first time since beginning it, i feel very satisfied with my work. Furthermore, i feel that my cover no longer lacks the elements it lacked before my changes.


~ by Henry Phillips on December 18, 2008.

One Response to “Production Log: Minor Cover Re-design”

  1. Henry, your magazine pages are developing nicely. From what I’ve seen in class, I am expecting them to look quite professional! 🙂 Having said this, there are some areas that you could improve on in order to ensure a higher grade. This is mainly to do with your written work and evidence of progress. Your production logs seem to be quite brief at times. You must ensure these are as detailed as possible – with personal reflection of process. You should also include other elements of your research/planning, such as your original images prior to manipulation with the mac software. All planning and research must be included (any paper aspects of this can be submitted in a folder no larger than A3). From the evidence you have supplied on your blog, your current indicative grade is at a ‘C’. Some might be happy with this grade considering their previous experience leading up to this preliminary task. I feel that this indicative grade is well below what you truly deserve. Please ensure you include all relevant detail to ensure you achieve this.

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